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Autodesk Summer Internship 2017

This was my second summer internship at Autodesk, San Francisco after the 2016 internship. The project and the overall experience turned out to be even more exciting than the first internship.

As a two-member intern team, we were expected to build a content-creation app prototype to simplify the manual work involved in the animation process using 3D interactions. The app was built from scratch using Autodesk's game engine, Stingray. This is one of my most favorite projects because it was very exploratory right from the beginning and solving each problem one by one with new ideas was exhilarating. Especially figuring out the user experience aspect of the app was challenging and fun because the app had many functionalities that needed to be assigned with intuitive user inputs and controls. The video below summarizes the idea, the app's features and the results. The first few minutes show few animated clips that were created using our app in less than 20 minutes.

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